Friday, October 19th, 2018

Paul Peck's Poetry of the Body and the Evolution of Anatomical Visualization


Current Speakers

  • Professor Raffaele De Caro
  • Raymond Curry, MD, FACP
  • Mike Doyle, PhD
  • Alison Doubleday, PhD
  • Douglas A Cotanche, PhD
  • Scott Barrows, MA
  • Marcelo Oliver, MFA
  • John Daugherty, MS


Frank Armitage
Creative Genius and Legendary Artist

A headshot of Frank ArmitageFrank Armitage epitomizes the word “visual genius.” His murals, his amazing background paintings for Disney classics like Sleeping Beauty, Mary Poppins and the Jungle Book, his inside-the-body landscape paintings for Life Magazine, designs for Disney theme parks, and his Academy Award-winning set designs for the motion picture The Fantastic Voyage, are nothing short of legendary.

In 2006, Frank Armitage donated much of his medical art collection to the Biomedical Visualization graduate program at the University of Illinois at Chicago. That same year, the College of Applied Health Sciences and the Biomedical Visualization graduate program established the Frank Armitage Lecture Series, both to honor this visionary and to highlight other “visual geniuses” who translate complex biomedical information into visual form. The lecture brings together experts from various disciplines in order to explore new opportunities for science visualization in the 21st Century.

On January 4th, 2016, the Biomedical Visualization graduate program lost a friend and inspiring mentor. The legendary artist Frank Armitage passed away peacefully at the age of 91. The Frank Armitage Lecture Series continues to honor his legacy in the field of medical illustration and ignite innovative solutions in biomedical visualization across numerous disciplines.

Student Association of Medical Artists
The BVIS student organization

A headshot of Frank ArmitageThe Student Association of Medical Artists (SAMA) was founded in 2006 by students of the Biomedical Visualization graduate program (BVIS) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). The goal of SAMA is to enhance professional development, interdisciplinary collaboation, and the quality of student life at UIC by giving students access to the support and information they need to be successful. SAMA holds regular meetings, assists with the orientation and mentoring of new students, connects current students with alumni, and hosts social and service events to help support students and the local/global community. Sponsored by SAMA, the biennial Frank Armitage Lecture brings together visiting students and scholars to support the interdisciplinary demands and to foster innovation in biomedical visualization.

UIC Biomedical Visualization Graduate Program
The BVIS student organization

A headshot of Frank ArmitageFounded in 1921 by Professor Thomas Smith Jones, the Biomedical Visualization program (BVIS) at the University of Illinois at Chicago is the second oldest accredited school of its kind and one of only four accredited graduate programs in North America providing professional training for careers in the visual communication of life science, medicine, and healthcare. With a renowned faculty and a curriculum that keeps pace with advances in science and technology, UIC's Biomedical Visualization program attracts graduate students from a variety of disciplines such as medicine, life science, art, sculpture, digital animation, and computer science.

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The Frank Armitage Lecture Series will be held on UIC's west campus. Please check back soon for more information.

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